30 Years

30 Years of the wrong information

30 Years of the wrong information – Image from the Diet Doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt – Click to read original article

30 Years is a long time.   It’s nearly my whole life!  Yet that’s how long the mainstream media has been pushing the Low Fat/High Sugar, eat less/exercise more dogma that is finally being exposed in the mainstream media as WRONG!


It feels quite strange given that I’m only 36 and spent a big chunk of my life following their advice and getting sicker and putting on more and more weight.  I’m so glad I found the work of people like Jonathan Bailor and Andreas Eenfeldt and all the other wholefood gurus I follow which has allowed me to regain my health and wellness over the last 2 years.  I know that this is the way to go and we have the science to prove it.

I’m even happier to see that the mainstream media is now picking it up and making it ‘normal’.  Hopefully soon everyone will know that fat is NOT bad for you!  So long as the ‘eat lots of non-starchy vegetables’ message doesn’t get lost along the way maybe we can reverse the last 30 years of damage!


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