Green tea tips


One of the recommendations Jonathan Bailor makes in The Calorie Myth is to drink a lot of green tea.  Green tea however isn’t very nice if you don’t prepare it properly.  I’ve always hated green tea except when served in posh Japanese restaurants.  That was because I was making it wrong!!

So I asked the SANE and Eccentric FB group for tips and this is what they came up with!  At least one of these suggestions is bound to help you get your green tea in every day without having to pinch your nose gulp it down!

  • First and most importantly, make sure the water is not boiling.  Boiling water makes green tea bitter! Tina and others had told me this before but I never really listened.  It really is important!  Now I brew my tea at no more than 60C (140F) and it’s clear the difference the water temperature makes.  I would go so far as to suggest that you should check which type of green tea you are using and find the exact temperature recommended for that type.
  • Brew time is important too.  Kelly says no more than 3 – 4 minutes to avoid the bitter taste.
  • Shannon brews 5 bags of green tea in about 230ml (8oz) and puts it in her morning smoothies – so she gets the benefits, but doesn’t have to taste it at all.  Kyra uses inexpensive matcha powder and puts it straight into her smoothies.  Others follow Carrie’s previous advice and just rip a bag or two open and blend the whole lot into their smoothies (though you obviously don’t require 10 bags a day if you do it this way).
  • Amanda prefers iced green tea.  She steeps 10 bags in 8oz (about 230ml) in hot tap water, adds a teaspoon of stevia (or other non-caloric sweetener) and squeezes in half a lemon.  This goes into a 44oz (1.3L) glass and fills it to the top with ice.
  • Glenn recommends Tetleys because its cheaper and isn’t as harsh – he says you can get used to drinking it and then upgrade to Twinings to take advantage of the bigger variety of flavours available.  His favourites are the ginger, lemon and mint varieties.  Heather prefers the peach and cherry blossom.  Nicky recommends Clipper green tea, specifically the strawberry flavour.
  • Merrie Jo just adds a green tea bag to her regular black tea and swears you can’t tell its there.
So there you have it – tips to make green tea not only healthy, but enjoyable too!  Cheers!

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