Pad Thai

I love pad thai!  I’m not sure how I forgot about the awesomeness of pad thai! and how easy it is to take the starch and sugar out of asian recipes!  Veronica reminded me by posting a picture of her delicious meal and I promised to find a recipe for this catalog!

This is the pad thai from Melissa (The clothes make the girl) Click to go directly to her original post and the recipe

Photo from Clothes make the girl – click to go directly to the original post and recipe

A google search for ‘paleo pad thai‘ will give you a bunch of different options but my favourite is this one from Melissa at The Clothes make the Girl.   I have had it before when I first changed the way I was eating – the ingredients are on this week’s shopping list that’s for sure!  Click Melissa’s photo to go directly to her original post and the recipe —>

Edit (19 February 2014):  I made this for dinner tonight – and I’m telling you it was FANTASTIC!

My tips:  put the sauce through before the spaghetti squash – otherwise it’s a pain to coat everything because the squash gets a bit gloopy (still yummy though – but my picture wouldn’t have come out like that)

Sambal Oelek – I thought I had chilli flakes and cayenne at home – but apparently not.  But 1 tsp of sambal oelek through the dish (I’m a wimp) and another one through my husband’s serve was awesome!

Other veg.  I would imagine, provided you upped the sauce you could also up the veggie content for this and serve more people – I put some red cabbage in for colour (and because I was short on snow peas).  Next time I’ll definitely do some carrots and broccoli!

Edit (27 March 2014):  made this again and it’s still fab – was brave enough to put in 1 tablespoon of sambal oelek and it was great.  Julienne carrots and some broccoli were fantastic additions!


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