Easy Lunches

There is no real need to over complicate your food when eating healthfully.  Simple lunches (or any meal) are just as delicious!  Annelynn’s plate of goodness makes me hungry just looking at it!

SANE lunch

Annalynn’s plate full of goodness

Sherry's big SANE salad

Sherry’s big salad

In that blue bowl is about 2 cups or so lettuces, some shredded carrots, sliced onion, small amount sliced cabbage, 5 sugar snap peas, then of course can of wild tuna and seeds and small handful chickpeas.

Dr Cathy's SANE lunch

Dr Cathy’s lunch

Dr Cathy's SANE snackbox lunch

Dr Cathy’s snackbox lunch

Dr Cathy posts some some fabulous lunches. This one is a can of salmon mushed up with a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt, lettuce-tomato-avocado and olive salad with vinegar, herbs, avocado oil dressing.

Another day she is enjoying a snackbox type lunch – YUM!


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